Winter Services

The Gardeners Shadow LLC


With its crisp air, sparkling frost, and a quiet hush that blankets the world in snow, is a season of enchantment and serenity in the natural world. While it may seem challenging to create a thriving outdoor space during the colder months, winter landscaping offers a unique opportunity to design a serene and magical retreat that celebrates the unique qualities of this season.
  1. Snow Plowing and Removal: Clearing driveways and walkways.
  2. De-Icing: Applying salt, sand, or de-icing chemicals.
  3. Winter Tree Care: Pruning, assessing damage.
  4. Planning and Design: Creating landscape plans for the upcoming year.
  5. Soil Testing: Analyzing soil for spring preparation.
  6. Indoor Plant Care: Tending to houseplants.
  7. Landscape Consultation: Meeting with clients for next year’s projects.
  8. Off-Season Tree Services: Removing or trimming trees safely.
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